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The Complaints Procedure regulates the rights and obligations of MiMa Group sro and its customers in the area of complaints concerning the processing of photographic orders (making photographs, retouching photographs) based on the Civil Code, the Commercial Code and the Consumer Protection Act.


1.1 The customer is obliged to exercise the rights arising from the liability for defects of processed orders directly at the KreaTTif Atelier photographic studio, which is managed by MiMa Group sro (hereinafter referred to as the "photo studio").

1.2 As part of the complaint procedure, the customer is obliged to fill in a complaint form together with a detailed description of the defect (delay, replacement of the order, incorrect quantity or format of photographs, loss of the order, other defect). The customer is obliged to truthfully state all required information and provide the necessary cooperation.

1.3 Depending on the nature of the defect, the customer is obliged to submit an erroneous complete order together with the completed complaint form.

1.4 The photo studio will confirm receipt of the complaint on a copy of the complaint form.

1.5 Any complaint that contains false information or if the complaint is filed after the deadline for filing a complaint specified in point 2.1 below will be considered unjustified. A complaint will also be considered unjustified if the customer does not want to use the gift voucher, or where the customer complains about photos where he does not like himself or a complaint that is in conflict with the processing data in the price list and photo studio conditions / e.g. photographs without modifications, etc.


2.1 The customer is obliged to report the defect of the processed order without undue delay after having had the opportunity to inspect the item, but no later than within 3 days from the date of receipt of the order. In the case of make-up services after make-up.

2.2 The rights from the liability for defects of the processed orders expire if they have not been exercised within the period according to point 2.1 above.

2.3 Complaints concerning the quality of the completed order or sold item will be taken over by the Photo Studio and sent for assessment. Complaints will be settled as soon as possible, according to the law within 30 days.

2.4 Undelivered orders The photo studio will shred the DVD after 3 months from the execution of the order.


3.1 The customer acknowledges that if the photographic material intended for processing is not of standard quality, and this defect is not detected during the receipt of the photographic material, for this reason the photo studio reserves the right to reject the order at a later date.

3.2 By ordering the services, customers agree to all the conditions and are aware that the resulting creation and editing is the subjective intellectual creation of the photographer as an artist and are familiar with the reference creation from the company's website.


4.1 In the event that the complaint is recognized as justified within the meaning of Article 3, within the time limits set out in point 2.3 above:

a) a correction of the accepted order is performed consisting in the wrong quantity, format or exchange and its delivery to the customer via a photo studio or by Slovak Post, if the customer has ordered the order with delivery by Slovak Post

(b) in the event of non-compliance with the agreed processing time, a discount shall be made on the fixed price, exceeding the agreed time by 1 day of 5%, 2 days of 10% and 3 or more days of 15%, the time being counts after the customer has submitted the final selection of photos

(c) in other cases, the relevant legislation or agreement of the parties will be followed.


5.1 The purpose of these Complaints Procedure is to ensure proper and timely protection of the rights and legitimate interests of the customer. Therefore, it is essential that the customer's claims are asserted properly, in a timely manner and in accordance with the procedure set out in these Complaints Rules, while respecting the mutual rights and obligations of all parties involved and providing the necessary cooperation.

5.2 Please address any questions to Mary Rybárová, Koniarekova 6752/21, Trnava, 91701– complaints, phone +421 911 923 542 or by e-mail to

In Trnava, 28.08.2018

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