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KreaTTif studio at Priemyselná 10 / B

KreaTTif studio at Priemyselná 10 / B

In our fully equipped studio you can realize all your photographic ideas. In the spacious, more than 100m2, studio you will find a 50m2 cyclorama, so it is not a problem to photograph even larger groups of people. The overall dimensions of the studio are 13m x 8m. The ceilings are 3m high. We have all the necessary equipment, a product table, as well as a number of different props and, of course, there is a cosmetic corner for the model, where she can put on make-up (or we can provide make-up by agreement).


In our studio you will find:

Cyclo frame 10x5 m

2x 300W flash, 2x 600W flash (incl. Launchers suitable for all types of cameras)

1 permanent LED light 150W

4x Yongnuo YN360

2 pcs of stripboxes

1 pc octabox

2 pcs of classic softboxes

1 pc large diffuse umbrella

1 diffusion ball

1 pc beauty dish

chimney with gel filters, reflectors, diffuse substance

5 paper backgrounds (black, gray, white, beige, blue)

massive product table 100x200 cm with diffusion plate

folding tripod stand for photo backgrounds

several vinyl photo backgrounds

... and many other props usable for photography, including furs, feathers, ribbons, fabrics, benches, plush toys, fashion accessories, etc.




Prior to the lease, a short-term lease agreement is written between the photo studio and the landlord.

We do not charge any fees in advance or deposit.

There is a security camera in the building designed to ensure security.


In the event of damage to the canvas in such a way that it will no longer be applicable, the fee for each meter of length is € 10.


You can also book the studio online in our contact form and we will inform you about its availability.



The rental price is 20 € / hour.

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