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About me

My name is Mary Kleinedler and I have been doing videography for about a year now.

You might say to yourself - a woman and a cameraman, that's a job for men! Although the heavy cameras gave me trouble in the beginning, a woman's eye and feeling for detail is irreplaceable after all ;-)

I got into making videos through my partner, who is a photographer and as a couple

we have been working in photo-video for more than 5 years, during which we have completed dozens of weddings, events and various other events under our joint company KreaTTif Atelier. The style of my work is very specific, so before you decide to contact me, be sure to view my work, which you can find below.

In my work, I mainly focus on emotions, details, I like non-traditional shots and colors.


Need to shoot a wedding video, a short company presentation clip, or another promotional video?

We are here for you.

You can find the price list of the wedding video below, promotional video clips are priced according to more detailed information provided by the client.


We will make a short wedding video and a wedding video clip suitable for social networks.

You can find our video creation below.

Package S- 600

Wedding video clip suitable for social networks (approx. 4-6 min)


-All day shooting from morning preparations until 01:00 in the morning


-The most beautiful moments


-The price does not include transport fee

Package M- 800

Wedding video clip suitable for social networks (approx. 4-6 min)


+ Longer video (20-40 min) incl. short parts of the audio recording in the video (part of the sermon, speech, etc.)


-All day shooting from morning preparations until 01:00 in the morning


-The price does not include transport fee

Before / wedding video, dating video

+ 200 € for the price of the wedding video


- Video clip, which we can show for free at your wedding  (3-6 minutes)

-The price does not include transport fee

Portfólio videí nájdete v galérií nižšie, stačí kliknúť na video a začne sa prehrávať príp. na našom youtube kanáli-

The price list is valid for contracts signed from 31.03.2020, other previously agreed amounts are valid according to the old price list.

Photo printing is not included in the price, if you are interested in printing, it is charged individually.

We do not upload original photos or unedited photos to clients.

Details will be agreed in the contract between the client and the photographer.

All prices are included in VAT.

When traveling outside Trnava, we charge travel costs in the amount of 0.25 € / km, or according to the agreement.

The resulting photos used for editing are selected exclusively by the supplier.

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